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Closing Thoughts

You have to approach a product like this with the right kind of perspective. This is not a monitor that is being geared toward gamers. It is not a monitor that they’re going to promote at a BlizzCon. It’s much more likely to show up at a convention for corporate lawyers and the feature set very much reflects that, just as Fujitsu scanners are a different breed than the cheap “throwaway” scanners you might find in the bargain bin at your local electronics store.

The NEC MultiSync EX231W offers fantastic build quality with its quick-release metal mount and base, as a very thin bezel, plenty of green-minded eco features (like a human sensor), and a more matte-like finish suitable for any office. The contrast and vividness of the color gamut aren’t eye-popping, but that’s almost the point; you don’t want your eyes to bleed after seven hours of Excel spreadsheets.

It’s a little bit on the pricier side (MSRP $329 US) when compared to comparably sized consumer monitors, but it’s still within the reasonable range for someone looking for a high quality monitor that is well built and will last through several quarters of heavy use.


  • Fantastic metal construction for base and mounting arm
  • Very thin bezel is great for multi-display arrays
  • No shortage of green features and functions
  • Bonus USB pass through at top of monitor


  • Only single USB port, no multi-port hub
  • Physical power button/switch would be better
  • Vividness of colors not as vibrant as other monitors

Overall Rating: 8.0 / 10.0

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