Futurelooks dropped in on ZALMAN to see what was new at the show. As you can see in our video coverage above, there were many really interesting things coming out of the company. The bluetooth headset thing was kind of out there, but the computer stuff looked pretty solid. Here’s a quick run down of the new stuff in a bit more detail.

CNPS12X – This new CPU cooler represents the company’s new top of the line. While it won’t be cheap at around $100 US, it does feature the world’s first triple fan setup and a partitioned fin design to maximize cooling while reducing noise.

The cooler has six massive heat pipes and works with all CPU sockets on the market. Expect this thing to hit the market later this year.

CNPS11X Performa – This new budget oriented cooler based off the CNPS11X Extreme still has powerful cooling at a Qmax of 300W, but in a more affordable price point. Featuring direct touch heatpipe technology (DTH) and fairly light weight of around 600 grams, this cooler won’t rip a hole in your CPU socket. It’ll be hitting the shelves around August or September and should price out at around $50 US.

L Shape Chassis Prototype – This was a really interesting design made of very thick aluminum both inside and out. The unique half closed design was also an interesting touch. They are still taking feedback on this item and should be able to release it next year. Price will not be cheap at $300 – 400 US.

BTHS100 Bluetooth Stereo Headset – This one was kind of out there, but it shouldn’t surprise you since Zalman has also released headsets and speakers in the past. This bluetooth headset seems fairly well built and because it’s stereo, it’ll work great for jogging and working out. The design seems well suited to this thanks to the rubber coating. MSRP on this one is around $29.99 US and comes in silver and black. We’re looking at October this year for a launch so compared to any single ear headset, it’s quite affordable.

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