SteelSeries, a leader in gaming peripherals including gear for eSports, has announced the availability of their latest gaming keyboard, the ten-keyless APEX M750 mechanical keyboard. It features the same high build quality and eSports performance as the original M750, but redesigned to be more compact and transportable.

The SteelSeries M750 TKL uses SteelSeries’ QX2 linear mechanical switches housed in a durable 5000 series aluminum metal-alloy frame with a nice black matte finish. The M750 offers ultra-bright, individual RGB LEDs keys that can be controlled by the SteelSeries Engine for things like in-game notifications. This provides a gamer the ultimate in beauty, performance and customization.

Features of the SteelSeries APEX M750 TKL

  • 5000 Series Aluminum Metal Alloy in Matte Black Finish
  • 104-Key N-Key Roll Over
  • 100% Anti-Ghosting
  • Individually controllable per-key RGB LEDs including keyboard patterns and reactive typing effects
  • Fully programmable with key rebinds, rey Press macros, text based macros and more
  • Weight: 1.9 lbs
  • Cable Length: 2 m, 6.5 ft
  • Key Actuation Point: 2 mm
  • Total Travel: 4 mm
  • Key lifetime: 50 Million keypresses

The keyboard was designed with competitive eSports in mind. Being durable and compact, it is easy to take to tournaments or events without the fear of being bashed up and damaged. With removing the keypad, the distance between mouse and keyboard is lessened, bringing gamers’ hands closer together for improved comfort and ergonomics for those long gaming sessions.

Sander “VoO” Kaasjager, a renowned eSports player, with whom SteelSeries has announced sponsorship recently says, “I use a relatively low sensitivity, so I need all the desk real estate I can get. The SteelSeries M750 TKL has no numpad, and all the awesomeness of the regular M750, so I never have to worry about hitting my keyboard again!”

The SteelSeries APEX M70 TKL is available for an MSRP of $119.99 USD.

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