Uh oh. Does the Retina Display on your Apple MacBook Pro look like any of the ones depicted above? Has Apple refused to fix this problem for you gratis? It looks like you’re not alone and what has been dubbed “Staingate” really is a thing.

In fact, a website has been launched not only to document this horrific defect that can happen to your $2,000 laptop, but also as a way to get Apple’s attention so they can fix it. It’s called Staingate.org and over 1,000 people have already signed onto the site to indicate that they too are victims of Staingate.

Apparently, the anti-reflective coating on the MacBook Pro’s screen can wear away or scratch off after a few months of use and what results are some pretty ugly looking Retina Displays. The people behind the Staingate website claim that Apple’s response to this problem is that it is “cosmetic damage and it is not covered by warranty.” If you wanted to pay for the repair yourself, you’d have to fork out a cool $800 (if you have the three-month warranty).

So, it’s not just the new MacBook that has its share of problems. You might remember how the 2011 MacBook Pro had some serious graphics issues that forced Apple to extend coverage. If enough people get behind Staingate and sign the petition on Change.org, they might be able to get the attention of the right people in Cupertino too.

Source: NY Daily News

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