I don’t care what people say, more is better. Leap, in keeping with their motto, aims for a new record in power density with the new PSU. The new flagship series for Lepa is the MaxPlatinum and will be replacing the G1600 PSU series.

The new MaxPlatinum from LEPA are 80PLUS Platinum rated power supplies if you have not already guessed. The first two models are the P1050-MA which delivers 1050W and the P1375-MA which delivers 1375W continuously. These come with a fully modular design, and full spectrum of protection management including over voltage, over current, and so on. Everything is pretty straightforward stuff, but this is where it gets interesting. The LEPA P1375-MA is only 18 cm in depth, setting a new record of power density.

There’s no need to go full tower if you don’t want to, no special requirements for your monstrous PSU, because with the LEPA P1375-MA will fit in most ATX standard cases. If you need a little more, this PSU can deliver up to 1600 watts when asked. You will be able to find the P1375-MA for $329.99 USD and the P1050-MA for $249.99 with 6, 8, or 10 PCI-E cables. They are also backed by a 5 year warranty. You can find more details below.

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LEPA Aim for Excellence

LEPA releases MaxPlatinum power supply series, up to 1375W, a new record of power density

March 12th, 2014. LEPA, one of the world’s best high wattage PSU manufacturers is now introducing the new flagship series, the MaxPlatinum, as the triumphant successor of its well-known G1600 PSU, which was chosen to build Maximum PC’s Dream Machine 2013*.

MaxPlatinum comes with P1050-MA, and P1375-MA with a rated power of 1050/1375 watts respectively. The 1050W and 1375W models are 80 PLUS Platinum certified and entire series provides up to 93% efficiency. MaxPlatinum is the impeccable PSU designed for extreme systems; e.g. capable of supporting 4 extreme graphic card workstation or multi-ASIC Crypto-currency mining rigs, which require huge power, but consume less electricity.

MaxPlatinum is big power in a small size. The P1050-MA consists of a modular cable design in a compact housing of 17.5 cm depth. The P1375-MA models are equipped with a full modular cable design and stow in just 18 cm depth. The compact size PSU give systems extra room for cable management and air circulation. Furthermore, the peak power of 1375W model even can reach up to 1600W. The breakthrough of the power density makes the MaxPlatinum series the leader in the power supply industry.

MaxPlatinum is equipped with comprehensive protection to manage its powerful engine, like multiple +12V rails, Over Current, Over Power, Over/Under Voltage, Over Temperature, Short-Circuit protections and more. Additionally, its DC-to-DC circuitry ensures best compatibility with latest C6/C7 power saving states. Last but not least, its solid state capacitors, Japanese 105°C electrolytic capacitors and 13.5 cm dual-ball bearing fan ensures durable performance, 24/7.

LEPA MaxPlatinum offers 6, 8 or 10 PCI-E graphic card connectors (6+2P); 20 or 24 peripheral/drive connectors (inc. SATA + 4P Molex) depending on the models. It is no doubt that MaxPlatinum is the most efficient and versatile power supply for a variety of heavy duty platforms. The 1050W and 1375W accept 100-240VAC input and are available worldwide.

MaxPlatinum Series is backed up by a 5-Year limited warranty.

MSRP: P1375-MA $329.99 USD, P1050-MA $249.99


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