It's hard to top what In Win did at COMPUTEX 2014. The company launched two amazing cases: The D-Frame Mini (reviewed here) and the S-Frame. While the D-Frame Mini was an evolution of the previous product, the S-Frame was all new. At CES 2015, the company had one more thing up their sleeve that makes all the hard work and R&D put into the S-Frame worth it. Not only did they unveil a new color for the S-Frame, but they also unveiled a new case that is more affordable, and that directly benefited from the technology. Click on the video above for this and more great new things from In Win.

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00:10 - The In Win S-Frame gets a new gold and black color scheme. While this won't improve the almost $1000 price tag of the case, it will help those looking for a gold and black case out. The company is not sure how many of the cases will go out on sale so if you want one, you should buy one as soon as it hits retail in the coming weeks.


00:50 - The S-Frame has always been questioned for its function as more than just a piece of PC art. The new S-BOX proves that the technology developed while creating the original S-Frame, can be used in more practical, and affordable ways. The S-BOX sees many features that have trickled in from past signature cases including the In Win 900 series (901/904), and of course, the S-Frame's signature folded aluminum frame. We expect to see the S-BOX launch around the June 2015 time frame, just in time for COMPUTEX 2015.


04:44 - In Win launched their 707 and 703 cases late last year, and let's be honest; they look pretty plain compared to their S-Frame. But affordable and classy cases are always needed. The new In Win 503 shares many similarities with the 703, including the $79.99 US price, but drops the aluminum front panel for a glass one, for a distinctly different look. The glass panel also reveals and hides the optical drive bay.

05:27 - The Power Man PSU series will see two new 80PLUS Bronze power supplies in a 1000W and 1200W configuration. The power supplies drop the modularity and maintain a more understated look, to allow it to hit some lower price points. What these price points are, In Win hopes will be a surprise too all in the coming weeks.


06:15 - In Win's design department continues to chug away building new products that may or may not make it to market. The Wrist Wrest product was designed because the designers needed it, and they are hoping you might need it too.


06:42 - The new In Win PRO-1 headphone stand comes in two great colors and will hit the $35.00 US price point. It will join Mr. Bubble and the iEAR as places to hang your headphones in style. It too, should be available in the coming weeks.

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