Never one to shy away from providing users with some way, shape, or form of benchmarking hardware, Futuremark has announced Servermark. This latest benchmarking tool from the company synonymous with benchmarking tools will enable IT professionals in businesses large and small to accurately measure and compare the performance of servers. At least that's what Futuremark is saying; eventually it will.

Servermark is currently in development, and Futuremark has opened an invitation to interested technology companies to join their Benchmark Development Program. Through an open process of close cooperation, the folks who join will have the opportunity to help create the next industry standard benchmark for server performance.

Currently Servermark is only slated to run on x86 machines running Linux as their primary OS. As someone who has worked in an enterprise environment, I hope Futuremark expands on this. I haven’t seen very much x86 hardware in the past 5 years, and many enterprise businesses use the full Microsoft suite for their server and system deployment. Luckily with the Benchmark Development Program, I can make such a suggestion. If you’re interested, more info can be found in the press release below.

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Futuremark Announces Servermark™ Benchmark

Companies Invited to Join Benchmark Development Program

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HELSINKI, FINLAND – February 13, 2013 – Futuremark® is creating a new benchmark for measuring and comparing the performance of servers. Designed for industry, enterprise and press users, Servermark™ will be a comprehensive benchmarking tool for x86-based servers running Linux and will be especially suitable for testing virtual machines. Servermark will feature a variety of benchmark tests for web servers, file servers, database servers, media servers and other common server use cases. For details please visit

As with all Futuremark benchmarks, Servermark will be developed in partnership with leading hardware companies. Servermark Benchmark Development Program™ members will have the opportunity to provide input at all stages of development in addition to receiving regular development builds and complimentary site licenses for the new benchmark.

Technology companies interested in joining the Servermark Benchmark Development Program should call Oliver Baltuch on +1-408-614-2025 (PST) or email

Jukka Mäkinen, Futuremark CEO said,

"We take great pride in working with the world's top technology companies to create the industry's most relevant and widely used benchmarks. I invite all companies with an interest in server performance to join our Benchmark Development Program and participate in the creation a new industry standard benchmark for server performance."

Oliver Baltuch, Futuremark President said,

"Servermark will offer IT professionals an accurate and reliable benchmark for evaluating real-world server performance in enterprise and business environments. Servermark will be the ideal complement to PCMark and Powermark, expanding our range of enterprise solutions for businesses of all sizes."

Find out more about Servermark and the Benchmark Development Program on the Futuremark website, or follow Futuremark on LinkedIn for the latest company news.


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