Lian-Li has been one of the top manufacturers of high-end DIY PC chassis for years. Never one to follow trends, they have always been one of the companies leading the way in setting new trends. Always looking for better ways to use space, the new mid-tower PC-A51 may surprise you at how adaptable this brushed aluminum case can be.

The Lian-Li PC-A51 is all about getting the most out of the space you have and keeping hot air out. The reverse airflow design pulls cool air end through the rear (optional bottom 120/140 mm fan) and expels it through the front. This means once the air has taken in the heat from your PC, its next stop is out of your case. The PSU is housed in the front of the case as well and pulls its air from below the case, keeping it isolated from any hot air. You also have plenty of room for liquid cooling in the top of the case with up to a 280 mm radiator.


The Lian-Li PC-A51 also uses space like no other. With the PSU mount below the HDD cages, you have room for up to a 15.7-inch graphics card (400 mm) while keeping the low profile of the mid-tower design. The HDD cage is also fully modular like the Thermaltake Urban cases but with the added bonus of mounting for 2.5″ drives even if all the HDD cages are removed. It also has the room for just what you need to leave room for the best airflow possible.

The PC-A51 will be available in the US in four different models. Solid black or silver will start at MSRP of $149, black with a side-window will start at $189, and black/red at $199. You can’t go wrong with room for the biggest and baddest hardware in a mid-tower all brushed aluminum chassis. I guess you could go wrong by not considering this case for your DIY system.

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Lian Li Releases the PC-A51 Brushed Aluminum Mid-Tower Chassis

Community Collaborated Chassis Features Reverse Airflow Design

14 February 2014, Keelung, Taiwan – Lian-Li Industrial Co. Ltd, today announces a new brushed aluminum mid-tower chassis with a reverse airflow design – PC-A51. Previewed to the worldwide DIY community in its prototype stage, the PC-A51 is a conglomeration of user feedback and Lian Li’s time-honed expertise and engineering capabilities.

Reverse Airflow Design

This community collaborated chassis sports a reverse airflow design in which cool air is pulled into the chassis from the rear filtered 120 mm fan. The front 140 mm fan above the front-mounted PSU pulls hardware-damaging hot air out of the case.

An additional 120 mm or 140 mm fan can be mounted on the floor of the chassis.

Versatile HDD/SSD Mounting System

Debuting on the PC-A51 is Lian Li’s new versatile HDD/SSD mounting system. This new system allows DIY builders to mount either a 3.5” or 2.5” drive on the five individually removable hard drive bays. For more versatility, if the bays are removed, up to three 2.5” drives can be mounted directly onto the tray – freeing up space and helping to increase airflow. Behind the motherboard tray an additional 2.5” can be mounted.

Compact Size / Full Hardware Compatibility

At 44L, the PC-A51 is a compact mid-tower that makes use of all available space. CPU coolers up to 175 mm (6.8”) in height and power supplies up to 160 mm (6.2”) are supported. VGA cards up to 400 mm (15.7”) comfortably fit inside the PC-A51.

Water Cooling Support

A tool-lessly removable top panel allows for 240/280 mm radiators and AIO liquid cooling kits to be easily installed.

Convenient Connectivity

The I/O panel containing four USB 3.0 ports and HD audio connections is located on the front bezel for convenient connectivity. A stealth bay for the 5.25” drive keeps the front bezel uniform.

Price and Availability

The PC-A51 will be available in North America in four variations:

  • PC-A51A (silver)  – USD $149
  • PC-A51B (black) – USD $149
  • PC-A51WX (internal black w/ window) – USD $189
  • PC-A51WRX (red and black w/ window) – USD $199

Video Overview of the PC-A51:

PC-A51 Product Information and Detailed Specifications:


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