This week has been a bit of a recovery week for the Futurelooks Team. Partly because we have bosses at home that want to be pampered on Valentines Day. The other part is that we’re getting ready to roll out some new articles and we’ll need a bit more time to get these out the door. However, we haven’t been doing nothing this past week so here’s what we’ve been up to this week in Futurelooks Land!

Unboxing Videos O-Plenty on YouTube

This week, we unleashed a triple threat of unboxing videos featuring three Sandy Bridge boards. Despite INTEL’s billion dollar mistake, the performance of these boards is unmistakable. We’ve already reviewed the GIGABYTE GA-P67A-UD7 which is a top drawer Sandy Bridge board. Now we’re going to mix it up a bit more with a look at some more mainstream boards from MSI and two budget boards from ASRock and ECS.

We’ll be rolling out a couple round ups featuring three mainstream boards and three budget boards. So stay tuned for those in the weeks ahead. We’d also like to thank ALL OF YOU for getting us over the 1200 subscriber mark on our YouTube Channel. We wouldn’t be here without you!

Futurelooks Loves Valentines Day!

OK, we never used to love Valentines Day. But before we all found love here, we had some great suggestions for what we’d be doing instead. That’s why we put together our Top Five Alternative Ways to Spend Valentines Day for the Single Techie. This article gives you some great ways to piss off the lovey dovey couples or just spend a quiet day at home.

The other article we have is for those of you that managed to snag that special girl, but who’s having a hard time convincing her to partake in hobbies that you enjoy on this special day for couples. How about How To Get Your Girlfriend into Video Games for Valentine’s Day? This article gives you some good advice on how to get your significant other to pick up a controller and throw down. This might even work for your special guy if you’re a girl techie.

What’s Up from Futurelooks’ Facebook and Twitter?

It seems our Facebook page is a little stuck. We’re trying to reach 1000 likes and we’re about 66 away from our goal. If you have a moment, connect with us on Facebook. We’ll keep you up to date on what’s new on Futurelooks and we’ll be working on bringing some opportunities for you to win some free stuff soon. Sponsors LOVE seeing big numbers of fans on pages so help us help you get companies to cough up the good stuff!

Don’t forget about our Twitter Channel! With over 11,800 Followers so far, Futurelooks’ Twitter Channel is definitely ON FIRE! Expect to see some special contests thrown down here very soon! Follow us @Futurelooks !

Till next week! 🙂

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