In the world of technology, the common theme seems to be trying to cram more capacity, more horsepower and more performance into a package that is increasingly small in size. Sometimes, you just want to go in the exact opposite direction for no reason other than to see if it’s possible.

And perhaps that’s why hack-happy enthusiast Christopher Parish decided to take his vintage DEC RL02 and modify it so that it can connect to modern computers using a USB cable. This retro rig is about the same size as a decent mini-ITX chassis, but it’s basically just an overgrown USB drive for external storage. And while we have that really small (in size) 1TB USB flash drive from Kingston, this creation is the exact opposite. This USB drive is physically larger, but only has a capacity of 10 megabytes.

The storage comes by way of the removable platter on the top. Check out the embedded YouTube video below to see Christopher Parish walk you through his impressive (not so) little project.

Source: Kotaku

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