Back at CES 2011 this January, iBuyPower gave us an exclusive walk through of their unreleased Erebus gaming system. The case that housed that system was built from the ground up to support water cooling and was built especially for iBuyPower. While many cases do a great job of water cooling, there’s nothing like one that is built the job and the Erebus had one. Fast forward to PAX 2011 West (aka PAX Prime) and we get a much better look of it in its full production glory.

Check out our video coverage above (or directly on YouTube) for a look of this beautiful looking system. Even for those that build their own, you have to admit that it does looks very well appointed for a pre-built system.

The iBuyPower Erebus Gaming System

Already into Version 3.0, the iBuyPower Erebus will run you anywhere between $1500 US all the way up to around the $6000+ mark. And of course, iBuyPower offers you a very high level of customisation to get the dream system you want, be it with an INTEL or AMD CPU, nVidia or AMD graphics. Go nuts with a quad CrossFireX or SLI setup, or you can be more practical with just a single GPU. It’s totally up to you with this system.

The iBuyPower Chimera Gaming System

iBuyPower also showed off the more affordable Chimera which is another system built from the ground up to be water cooled. The Chimera is in its 4th generation, and while the case itself is fairly simple, the awesome iBuyPower “Thundercats” motif is quite the looker and is included in its entry level $699 price point. Like the Erebus, make it your own with any CPU or GPU combination to suit your budget.

The Erebus is of course on the market right now and will likely get another update when AMD’s new Bulldozer hits the shelves. The Chimera should be making its way out the door very soon so if you’re looking for something more modest for the pocket book, then you’ll want to to check that one out. Keep an eye on our YouTube Channel for more PAX Prime 2011 goodness from Seattle!

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