Recently announced at Computex 2018 in Taipei, ASUS with the TUF Gaming brand has a full new lineup of gaming peripherals to help you become a better gamer.

Typically, TUF Gaming is geared towards motherboards, but they are now expanding into peripherals and other components that will embrace their style and help you create a unique gaming experience. This new direction includes the TUF gaming M5 mouse, K5 Keyboard and the H5 headset.

TUF Gaming M5 Mouse

TUF Gaming has taken the gaming mouse and made it more durable. Mice take a beating in the gaming world and are prone to physical wear and tear. The TUF Gaming M5 is coated in a durable paint which will reduce that physical worn look that mice can have over time.

They also include Omron switches under the left and right buttons to help ensure your clicks keep on clicking for years of use. All the buttons are programmable through the Armour II software and you can save up to 3 profiles locally on the mouse itself. Included is a Pixart PAW3327 optical sensor for monitoring all your mouse movements and motions up to 6200 DPI. There is also support for AURA Sync to add lighting customization to help you match the rest of your gaming environment.

The TUF Gaming M5 mouse will be available Q3 2018.

TUF Gaming K5 Keyboard

Keyboards receive a fair amount of abuse over the course of their lifetime, but one action they do not handle quite as well is that of spilled liquid. I don’t know many gamers who have not spilled some sort of beverage onto their keyboard but TUF Gaming has taken that consideration into the design of their K5 Keyboard.

The TUF Gaming K5 has a spill-proof design. Now you cannot fully spill your tall-boy beer on it, but it will survive about 60 mL of liquid if you happened spill a bit. A nice little save if you happen to get super excited over being #1 Victorious in Fortnite or if you’re rage quitting over a guild wipe in your favorite MMO.

The K5 is also not a mechanical keyboard, but it is mechanical-like with its Mech-Brane switches, which have a specifically tuned membrane to mimic the feel of real mechanical switches. The feedback is supposed to be similar to tactile mechanical switches with a soft landing of a rubber dome.

The TUF Gaming K5 keyboard also has five-zone AURA Sync backlighting that stretches across the keys. This would go nicely along side the TUF Gaming M5 Mouse to create a coherent lighting experience. It would be nicer if more keyboards supported per-key RGB capabilities but this sort of lighting setup will help keep the cost down.

The TUF Gaming K5 Keyboard will be available Q3 2018.

TUF Gaming H5 Headset

Next up is the TUF Gaming H5 Headset which is carefully balanced for durability and comfort. A stainless steel headband helps to add strength and offers a premium look. The lightweight design will allow you to wear it for hours of gaming without becoming uncomfortable. The ear cups contain 50mm Essence drivers sealed in an airtight chamber that will help improve sound quality. A nice addition is the removable mic boom for those days where you do not need to make use of a microphone. The headset comes with a 3.5mm jack but also a USB adapter to add virtual surround.

The TUF Gaming H5 Headset will be available Q3 2018.

You can check out more information on these TUF Gaming products, as well as others, on their official page.

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