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Proporta Gadget Bag


Are you planning a summer vacation somewhere? Maybe you go on business trips on a fairly frequent basis? In either case, there’s a good chance that you’ll be packing along your fair share of gadgetry and it can be a little frustrating getting everything organized and accessible.┬áJust as a TSA-complaint laptop bag will help you zip through airport security, the Gadget Bag from Proporta will help to organize all the little things that accompany your notebook, including the ones that accompany your cell phone.


While it is sold as the Proporta Gadget Bag, it is perhaps more descriptive to refer to this package as the Proporta Gadget “Bags”, because it consists of three or four semi-separate components. They all fit and zip together, so you can use them as one unified force of portable digital enjoyment.

There’s one larger bag and then two smaller bags that zip onto the front. Inside the larger bag is another smaller bag that attaches inside via Velcro. Each of the compartments also has a small rubber hole where you can thread power cables, headphones, and that kind of thing.┬áThe Proporta Gadget Bag sells for 24.95GBP (about $37 US).

SanDisk 8GB and 16GB microSDHC Memory Cards

Many of us use our cell phones for more than voice calls and text messages. Lots of feature phones are great for taking pictures, listening to music, and watching videos too. This is particularly true when it comes to smartphones like the Nokia E71 and the BlackBerry Curve 8900. As such, you need some extra storage to handle that multimedia content.


If you happen to have a phone with a microSD card slot, look no further than SanDisk for the biggest tiny card on the market today. To my knowledge, this is the first commercially available 16GB microSDHC memory card. If you want to save a few bucks, SanDisk also has an 8GB alternative which should work better with older handsets that may not support the larger 16GB little giants.

Using a SanDisk microSDHC-to-USB adapter (sold separately), I put the 16GB memory card through its paces in HD Tune 2.54. It generated a very consistent read speed across the entire card, pushing data around at about 18.3MB/sec. The access time was 1.2ms and the burst rate was 12.3MB/sec. This makes it about as fast as some of the entry level USB flash drives out on the market.

SanDisk has kept the extras to a minimum here, so you’ll need to get your SD card adapter or USB card reader somewhere else. However, plugging your phone into your computer works as well for transferring your files. The 16GB SanDisk microSDHC cards sell for $108.99 US while the 8GB version can be found for around $44.99 US. Look for them at Best Buy Mobile and Verizon Wireless stores.

Accessorizing Cell Phones with Functionality in Mind

The YUBZ Talk Bluetooth headset can be great for retro enthusiasts, whereas the iLuv i316BLK is much more compact and reduces that all too often stigma of “Jerk” that headset wearers get slapped with. The Proporta Battery Charger can come in very handy as can the Proporta Gadget Bag while on your worldwide travels. You definitely don’t want to leave anything behind or be stuck without power. Finally the SanDisk 16GB microSDHC card will grant you plenty of space for videos on the go or if you’re more of a cellphone picture fiend then the less expensive 8GB version might be more to your liking. But of course, bigger is better.

Whether you need more memory, more battery, or more convenience, there’s bound to be a cell phone accessory or two for you. We hope you enjoyed our Spring 2009 round up of some useful and cool cell phone gadgets that we’ve stumbled across and we’re looking forward to showing you a few more things for your cell phone lifestyle later this Summer.

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