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iLuv i316BLK Micro Bluetooth Headset


Don’t want to carry around a giant YUBZ Talk headset? I can’t blame you. It’s definitely not for everyone. A lot of people would prefer to take the more conventional route and find as compact a Bluetooth headset as possible. Well, the guys at iLuv seem to have just the ticket, because the iLuv i316BLK is about as small as it gets when it comes to Bluetooth headsets.

iLuv markets the i316BLK as a “micro size hands-free headset with Bluetooth wireless technology.” As you can probably imagine, the real emphasis is on the “micro size” part of that product description. It weighs just nine grams and the body of the earpiece measures about 35mm in length. That’s pretty small.


And therein lies the problem. The greatest strength of the iLuv i316BLK is also its greatest weakness. Just like the Bluetooth Stereo Backphones from iLuv that I reviewed a while ago, the microphone portion of the i316BLK is too far away from your mouth. As a result, it has a hard time picking up your voice. I was told that I sounded distant. The person on the other end, however, sounded crystal clear in my ear.

If you’re looking for an affordable and compact Bluetooth headset, the iLuv i316BLK could be a viable option. It’s listed at $34.99 US.

Proporta Mobile Device Charger by Ted Baker


The whole point of a mobile phone is that it is inherently portable. You can stay connected and be made available no matter where you happen to find yourself. However, you may find that the battery life on your phone leaves much to be desired. It’s just not practical to be tethered to a wall charger all the time.

The Proporta Mobile Device Charger seems to be an excellent solution. Designed by Ted Baker, this power pack is smaller than a deck of cards, but it provides more than enough power to top up your cell phone. It comes bundled with a range of adapters too, so it doesn’t matter if you’ve got a Sony Ericsson, a Nokia, or an iPhone. They’ve got you covered. You can also choose to use your own cables if you prefer, because the 700mA output is via a standard USB port.


One of the bigger advantages here is that the Proporta Charger packs an impressive 3400 mAh of battery power. Contrast this to a competing portable battery, like the Ecosol Powerstick with its paltry (by comparison) 750mAh internal battery. Depending on the size of the battery of your phone, you may be able to charge it several times over.

The Proporta Mobile Device Charger by Ted Baker retails for 24.95GBP (so about $37 US).

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