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Week One of our Eight Crazy Weeks of Giveaways is finally over, and we’ve given away some kick ass prizes from the folks over at NZXT. Our friend Johnny is already sweating over the entries to choose a winner.We’ll be posting the results of this draw to The Futurelooks Forums shortly so keep an eye out if you entered. Now on to the NEXT Week of prizes!

 Eight Crazy Weeks of Giveaways - Week TWO of EIGHT - Sponsored by ANTEC

This week, ANTEC will be sponsoring Week Two of our Eight Crazy Weeks of Giveaways. They’ve given us a trio of prizes to distribute to our beloved winners. Here’s what we’ve scored to giveaway:

Antec Phantom 500 Silent Power Supply

As reviewed by Futurelooks’ own Scott Finding, the Phantom 500 is the product to have if you are looking to build a completely silent computer system.  Pumping out 500 watts at 80% efficiency, the massive heatsink and internal fan design not only keeps the power supply cool, but also completely silent, making it perfect for an HTPC or a silent workstation build.

Antec TruePower Trio 650 Watt SLI Ready Power Supply

Don’t let the dated looks of this power supply fool you. The Antec TruePower Trio 650 Watt power supply, as reviewed by Futurelooks, is as stable as any blue LED’d, modular power supply out there. Arguably even more so. It’s also pretty darn quiet.  With an 80% efficiency, it’s pretty green as well for those eco conscious builders, yet still manged to be SLI and Crossfire certified for Multi-GPU applications. Best yet, you can win it!

Antec MX-1 Actively Cooled Drive Enclosure

The MX-1 is a product that comes from that “why didn’t we think of it before” pile. By combining a quiet active cooling system inside the enclosure, hard drives inside this enclosure can operate at lower temperatures, thus giving you less grief down the road due to temperature related failures. The enclosure also features tons of extras that make your installation problem free. Although we don’t recommend it, the enclosure also takes a licking from accidentally falling off a few tables. Don’t worry, yours will be brand spanking new.

So how do you like this week’s prizes? Good stuff? Now click on over to page two to find out how to win all these fabulous prizes!

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