With the release of the latest Intel chips on the LGA 2011-3 socket, many of you might be concerned if you can take your high end coolers with you. If your cooler is made by CRYORIG, you are in luck. CRYORIG Support Team will be providing free LGA 2011-3 upgrades to users on demand in October. Upgrade to the CPU of your dreams and take your shiny CYRORIG cooler with you.

The process is very simple. Just send the CYRORIG Support team with your cooler product registration code, and proof of purchase for any X99 chipset LGA-2011-3 board to: Once they look it over, they will ship a free LGA 2011-3 upgrade kit to the provided address, free of charge. What more could you ask for?

Companies in the DIY space, like Noctua, have been doing these generational socket upgrades for their customers for quite some time. So we are impressed that CRYORIG has followed suit. With great customer service like this, they are on the fast track to being among the tops for CPU cooling solutions. Maybe it is time for us to get our hands on one of these to see what they can do.

Full press release and the link to their support site is posted below.

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CRYORIG Provides Free Upgrade for LGA 2011-3

16.09.2014 – In response to the just launched new Intel™ LGA 2011-3 socket, PC thermal solution brand CRYORIG will be providing free LGA 2011-3 upgrade kits beginning in October for users upon demand. CRYORIGs Portfolio includes absolute High-End products, such as the R1 Ultimate, which is the perfect match for the Enthusiasts “Haswell-E” lineup. The 2011-3 upgrade kit is also available for the C1 top-flow CPU cooler and the upcoming H5 Universal.

The premium brand CRYORIG offers the 2011-3 upgrade kit free of charge. Users will only need to provide their Product Registration Code, which is supplied with their CRYORIG product along with a proof of purchase of a X99 chipset LGA 2011-3 mainboard. The necessary info just needs to be sent to CRYORIG support email and the kit will be sent directly to the provided address.

Cryorig Support Website


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