Whether you like the color of their products or not, it’s clear that the company is all about fashion over function. While brown and beige aren’t the sexiest colors around, Noctua seems to overshadow that with products that are just plain awesome in performance. This makes the look of the product almost secondary and in our video above, it’s clear that the company is all about the performance of their products.

Noctua shows off some very unique prototype CPU coolers at their COMPUTEX 2011 booth this year. The company has been working on coolers to potentially replace their legendary NH-D14: A cooler that won Futurelooks’ Editors Choice Award. While we think extremely highly of it, competition is mounting so we believe the reason why they showed us so many prototypes, is because they want to know what our readers think. The coolers emphasized various levels of compatibility of motherboard components and memory which we found was a downside to the NH-D14’s enormous size. It’s nice to see that they are really listening to consumers and reviewers.

The good news doesn’t stop there. One thing that many of you may not be aware of is that Noctua has an upgrade policy in place to take care of any CPU cooler customer should they upgrade to a new socket and they want to take their cooler with them. Noctua has stated for the record that when the new LGA2011 socketed boards launch from INTEL, they will send out a free mounting kit to anyone that owns one of their coolers, with a proof of purchase. That’s pretty cool.

Finally, Noctua unveiled the most high tech, scientific, cooling fan you’ll ever see. The new Focused Flow Fans from Noctua are still brown and creamy beige, but the amount of science shoved into this thing is mind boggling. It’s a good thing we made a video instead of trying to explain it.

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