You saw our coverage of the PadPhone and many other ASUS mobile innovations like the ultrathin UX series notebook. Now you get to see the other part ASUS which takes care of all the cool hardware that you know and love like graphics cards and motherboards.

At COMPUTEX 2011 this year, ASUS tried to tell us once again that gamers like to overclock. While the validity of that claim is questionable, it’s true that some of the things they showed off at the event were damn sexy. Even though the buttons, knobs and over the top features never get touched by gamers. Here are the highlights from the over hour long presentation that we’ve compressed down to less than 15 in the video above…

ASUS ROG G74 Notebook Series – The new ROG G74 series notebooks get some needed sculpting that make it a little less cumbersome than the previous design. Ergonomics and cooling are also beefed up along with many new features that enthusiasts enjoy such as easy access panels for upgrades. The G74 also offers naked eye 3D support.

ASUS ROG CG8565 Series – ASUS’ new ROG desktop PC concept has a water cooling ring onboard as well as an OC button for one touch overclocking. Modelled after a stealth warship, their new desktop definitely turns a few heads with its sleek look. They plan to release it with a Core i7 2600K, GTX 590, and SATA3 2TB drive and SSDs standard.

ASUS 990FX and INTEL X79 Motherboards – AMD representation was weak, but they did tease us with pictues of their new M5A99X EVO and SABERTOOTH 990FX boards for AM3+ sockets as well as a new Crosshair V Formula edition which gets INTEL networking and Creative SupremeFX Fi-2 audio. Things get more interesting on the INTEL side as they intro’d a new board called the “Danshui Bay” which includes both a Socket LGA1366 and LGA2011 on the same board.

Motherboards also receive a new set of overclocking tools which are accessible via your mobile phone or notebook, allowing you to overclock your system without being there. This isn’t really new but it has been updated.

ASUS Gaming Audio Products – ASUS released a new Vulcan ANC (Active-Noise Cancellation) headset series for gamers. It’s the first active noise system on a gaming headset built for comfort. Also shown off was the new ThunderBolt card. No, this is not an Apple compatible thing. The ASUS ThunderBolt is an add on card that combines both the BigFoot Killer E2100 network controller and the excellent ASUS Xonar audio onto one PCI-E solution. Pricing will be a factor as boards from GIGABYTE already have these features.

ASUS Matrix GTX 580 and GPU Tweak – ASUS showed off their new monstrous Matrix GTX 580 card with onboard voltage and overclocking buttons onboard as well as a new GPU Tweak overclocking utility, which is similar to MSI’s overdrive technology.

And that’s it! So enjoy the video highlights which gives you a better look at everything above and make sure you check out our YouTube Channel for even more COMPUTEX 2011 coverage!

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