It’s tough to get a native English speaker at COMPUTEX 2011. But Devine Chao from MSI’s Taiwan HQ toughs it out and gets us through the new products for COMPUTEX 2011 which include INTEL and AMD’s latest and greatest.

Featured in the video above is MSI’s latest Click BIOS II that integrates the UEFI BIOS experience both on the BIOS and under Windows for a unified control scheme. The other significant thing was the move to PCIE GEN 3 slots on all their new Z68 motherboards, thus future proofing them. This also gets them ready for Ivy Bridge. Of course, we also get a sneak peek at their new INTEL X79 motherboard based on the new LGA2011 socket. I’m sure that many users that JUST bought their Z68 or P67 boards are going to have a fit because once again, we get a new socket, which means a new chip too. But on the bright side, you can see how the Military Class III components definitely help bring the height of components down around this new socket for better cooler compatibility.

Finally, we see the new 990FX board which will hit a sweet spot price of $199 US when it hits the shelves soon to support the launch of the new 8-Core Bulldozer AM3+ CPUs later this year. Weird that there are boards but no chips.

If you’re dying for more COMPUTEX 2011 coverage, check out our Video Page too as we’ll be releasing our videos ahead of the posts.

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