Futurelooks drops in on Thermaltake to see what they have brand new for COMPUTEX 2011. Ramsom Koay takes us through the booth in one of our most entertaining interviews of the show. He helps us highlights three key things that have never been seen in person until this show. They included the Level 10 GT Snow Edition gaming chassis which is of course the white version of the Level 10 GT, but don’t call it white because it’s the snow edition.

On the less blingerrific side, Thermaltake is also putting out a more budget friendly gaming case called the Overseer. But I still fail to see how a $140 US case is still budget but that’s Thermaltake for you: bawlin’. Also on deck was the massive Frio GT CPU Cooler which you just have to see, and a new power strip that shuts off unused ports to reduce vampire power suckage. All this and more in the video.

If you’re dying for more COMPUTEX 2011 coverage, check out our Video Page too as we’ll be releasing our videos ahead of the posts.

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