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COMPUTEX 2013 – Antec Announces a Wide Range of New PC Enclosures


There have been a number of new PC enclosures shown off this year at Computex 2013, offering both great looks and innovative features. Antec is also looking to breath some new life into their line-up with several new cases being shown off. This includes the super tower Antec Nineteen Hundred, mid-tower P100, mid-tower NSK4100, and ISK600 mini-ITX case.

The most …

COMPUTEX 2013 – Fractal Design Announces the ARC Mini R2 and ARC XL


The PC case market has always been a market of trends. Once a trend is set, companies follow it until someone changes it to something else new and fresh. Fractal Design was one of the trend setters when it comes to clean, sleek design aesthetics. At COMPUTEX Taipei this week, they announced the forthcoming release of two new updated cases …