With new CPU choices from AMD coming in 2017, be quiet! has pro-actively “Ryzen” to the occasion with a commitment to support their customers with upgrade kits. These allow current owners of be quiet! coolers to upgrade to the latest processors from AMD and the new AM4 socket as they become available this year.

be quiet! tells us that all CPU coolers that can currently be mounted to the AMD retention module already support socket AM4 CPUs, including the Pure Rock, Pure Rock Slim and Shadow Rock LP coolers. So if you own a current model with AMD compatibility you are already good to go. However, for customers that do not have the backplate with their be quiet! cooler, they’ll be provided with a free kit starting on January 9, 2017.

The AMD AM4 socket upgrade kits will only be available for the following coolers: Dark Rock 3, Dark Rock Pro 3, Dark Rock TF, Shadow Rock 2 and Shadow Rock Slim. This also includes all customers who purchases the company’s Silent Loop all-in-one water cooling system.

Moving forward, all be quiet! coolers will be AMD AM4 socket compatible right out of the box. To order your upgrade kit just follow this link.

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