Usually when I think about objects manufactured in Germany that are blacked out and a little sinister looking, I’m thinking about super-cars from the likes of BMW or Audi. The latest power supply line from be quiet! has managed to, in a small way, wedge its way into this line of thinking.


The new be quiet! Pure Power 9 CM line of power supplies continues the development of the Pure Power series with improved technology, new components, and a refinement on their modular design.

The be quiet! Pure Power 9 CM is an 80PLUS Silver certified power supply, with an operational efficiency of 91%. This is due to the change in power regulation technology, making it one of the most efficient power supplies in this price bracket. The components are kept cool by a fan based off the Pure Power L8 120mm unit, but with reduced motor bearing noise and airflow optimized rotor blades, keeping things both cool and very quiet. As for cabling, be quiet! has gone with the very easy to work with flat ribbon-style cables, attached to an updated PCB with fully solid capacitors on board.

The be quiet! Pure Power 9 CM is available now in 400W, 500W, 600W, and 700W ratings. The MSRP falls between $54.90 and $84.90 based on these ratings. You can find technical info in the press release below.

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be quiet! Pure Power 9 CM: Entry-Level Power Supply with New Topology and Improved Technology

Quieter, More Efficient and Better Voltage Stability than Its Successful Predecessor

Glinde, March 22, 2016 – be quiet!, the market leader in PC power supplies in Germany for ten consecutive years*, is introducing the Pure Power 9 CM with 400 to 700 watts, offering a new option for quiet PC configurations as well as powerful multi-GPU systems. Thanks to extensive development work, both the efficiency and the signal strength are improved when compared to its predecessor while reducing noise to a minimum.

Improved technology and increased energy efficiency

be quiet! continues its extensive development of the Pure Power series by relying on the newest technologies, such as the so-called “Active Clamp + SR” topology which leads to increased efficiency and a shift away from group regulation. The Pure Power 9 CM achieves an efficiency of up to 91 percent, leading to an 80PLUS Silver certification and a top performance in this price segment. By implementing two independent 12 volt-rails, be quiet! is able to further improve the signal stability compared to its predecessor. The Pure Power 9 CM also complies with the Energy Star 6.0 and ErP 2014 guidelines and supports the C6/C7 low power states of modern Intel processors. All common protection circuits are integrated into the new power supply series. These include UVP (under voltage protection), OVP (over voltage protection), SCP (short circuit protection), OPP (overload protection), OCP (over current protection) and OTP (overheating protection). In addition, be quiet! installed a “Surge Absorber”, offering multiple protection against voltage surges. This feature is unique in this price class and guarantees maximum safety for the Pure Power 9.

New components and optimized fan for quiet operation

Alongside the improved “Active Clamp + SR” topology, be quiet! has optimized components to prevent power supply noise caused by extreme load changes of modern graphics cards. Further noise reduction comes from a comprehensive optimization of the fan: the new 120 mm fan is based on the Pure Power L8, but significantly reduced both the motor and bearing noise. Combined with the air flow-optimized rotor blades and additional, separate temperature control sensors, this results in the best noise-to-cooling performance ratio. Overall, the Pure Power 9 CM is much quieter than the previous model.

Modern, modular cable with all required connectors

An essential feature of the Pure Power 9 CM series is its modular cable management. be quiet! started the improvements on the PCB itself: the new series is exclusively equipped with high-quality solid capacitors. Also new is that the new models now sports modular black flat ribbon cables, which leads to a clean and modern look in the PC as well as an excellent airflow. The Pure Power 9 CM series comes with four (600/700 watts) or two (400/500 watts) 6 + 2 pin PCI-e connectors and is ideally equipped for high-end or dual-GPU systems.

The Pure Power 9 CM is available in 400, 500, 600 and 700 watts with MSRP between €69.00 / £54.99 / $54.90 and €109.00 / £89.99 / $84.90. Models without cable management will follow in June.

* Source: GfK Panel Market Germany, sales units internal computer power supplies, January 2016

About be quiet!

be quiet! is a premium brand of PC power supplies, PC cases and cooling solutions as well as the consistent PSU market leader in Germany since 2007*.

All conception, design and testing is done with a German passion for quality and precision at our headquarters in Germany. Innovative engineering concepts, premium materials and world-class quality make be quiet! products among the most silent, reliable and powerful available.


* GfK data 2016


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