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One of our first videos is finally posted! As you know, ASUS had a number of things to announce at COMPUTEX 2011 this year and Futurelooks saw it all. Here are the highlights from the press conference that saw the launch of the new ASUS Padfone, super thin UX series notebooks and more.

Here’s a bit more on the most interesting announcements and our take…

ASUS Padfone – In ASUS CEO, Jonney Shih took us through the new Padfone concept. We say concept because they didn’t actually have a working sample there for us to play with. Otherwise they would have put it out. Other vagueness included battery life because in one of the slides Jonney said “X times” more power when the phone was docked into the tablet. There is no mention of the CPU on either device or the operating system, but we assume it’ll be Android based just like the Eee Pad Transformer. This should be a really interesting product once (and when) it hits the shelves. Check out our more detailed coverage right here.

ASUS UX Series Ultraportables – The MacBook Air wasn’t the first thin notebook. The ASUS U1F that came out a few years back already offered an 11.1 inch LED backlit screen and phenomenal battery life at the time of up to 4 – 6 hrs. But this new UX series is truly impressive with its spun aluminum design and a thin chassis that tapers from 17mm to 3mm at its thinnest point. It also has what appears to be a glass touchpad which they call “smartphone like” and uses a powerful Core i7 Sandy Bridge mobile processor and chipset onboard running an SSD with up to 6GB/s performance. This definitely outclasses the MacBook Air in features and I’m sure that once it hits the streets, it will likely be in a whole new class of its own in terms of price as well!

ASUS Finally Gets to $199 on Eee PC – When Eee PC launched many moons ago, they promised to get to an affordable price point. The magic number was $200. Well, at COMPUTEX 2011 they finally hit that with the new X101 series which will come in a plethora of colors of course and is even thinner than before. It’ll run Windows 7 and will shp in both SSD and mechanical hard drive configurations. It’ll even support the Intel MeeGo operating system as well which will be a first for this more affordable range of Eee PC netbooks.

There was more at the conference but that’s what really caught our eye. We do have another ASUS press conference for their Republic of Gamers (ROG) products so stay tuned for motherboard, notebook, and video card coverage soon. You can see some sneak peeks on our Twitter account already. There’s also a huge gallery of booth babes holding the above mentioned products and more on the next page 😉

Stay tune for more exciting COMPUTEX 2011 Video Coverage and more!

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