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Thecus N4200 Dual Power NAS Will Not Crash

Many of us already know that using network-attached storage (NAS) is so much more powerful than what you can normally achieve with a regular external hard drive. However, just like any other piece of computer hardware, a NAS enclosure does run the risk of crashing.

To help minimize this risk, Thecus has implemented several features in its Thecus N4200. Using a better Intel Atom processor (D510) than the Thecus N0503, this unit offers improved reliability with its Dual DOM (Disk On Module) design. If your firmware becomes inaccessible, the secondary DOM automatically reprograms the primary one.

Other highlights include the dual displays, support for both 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch drives, VMWare support, a DLNA-compliant media server, six USB 2.0 ports, and two eSATA ports.

The Thecus N4200 also has an extra internal battery in case of a power outage. This way, you won’t suffer any data loss if the power goes down.

This won’t replace a proper uninterrupted power supply (UPS), but it offers a good backup plan.

Thecus Offers Surveillance with NVR Solutions

Compro isn’t the only one wants to record video from every corner of your home or office. Thecus is jumping into the arena with its NVR solution too. Support all sorts of different IP cameras, the Thecus NVR options allow you to manage multiple camera streams, including the ability to record at will.

The outward appearance of the different Thecus NVR units, like the NVR 42 and NVR 77, may be nearly identical to their NAS counterparts, but they offer more specific functionality in the context of network video recording.

Since you can have up to seven hard drives, you’ll have plenty of space to record all that video. It can also handle many different IP camera streams at the same time, ensuring you can always have an eye on just about everything.

The software side of the equation looks pretty typical of a Windows application. Most adjustments are performed through pull-down menus and you can change the layouts of the different cameras connected to the NVR.

As you can see above, you can have smaller or larger windows for each camera view. Each of the viewing boxes in the main window can be swapped for any camera, including the ability to shuffle through them automatically on a timed basis.

Network Your World at COMPUTEX Taipei

Believe it or not, we’ve still got more COMPUTEX Taipei 2010 coverage coming down the pipe. Stay tuned for some great factory tour coverage, closing remarks from COMPUTEX, and a whole bunch of new videos on our YouTube Channel that ¬†you won’t see anywhere else.

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