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Formosa21 aim Tube Delight Audio

Fans of vacuum tubes are totally going to dig this thing. This remarkably tiny vacuum tube-looking device plugs into an available USB port to provide DTS Surround Sound Headphone Technology.

Known as the aim Tube Delight Audio AS301DTS, this Gold Design and Innovation Award winner “provides a complete virtual audio-processing package that enhances the movie and music experience within a set of headphones.” Take DTS with you… in style… on the road!

Vizo EZSurf Fanless Notebook Cooler

We’ve already seen more than one VIZO notebook cooler, but the EZSurf is quite different from all the rest. That’s because it’s a fanless notebook cooler.

If you read my article on the perfect notebook cooler, then you’ll know that I prefer active cooling solutions. To overcome the lack of a fan, this VIZO unit acts as an aluminum heat sink, absorbing and dissipating heat at will.

Need different angles? The curved base on this surfboard-inspired design allows for “simple angle adjustability” and enhanced stability.

Hanvon TouchPad B10 Tablet

So, you’ve probably heard of the Apple iPad. Well, other companies are making tablets too. In addition to Taiwanese companies like MSI and Asus throwing their names into the tablet hat, Hanvon (Hanwang) of Mainland China is doing it too.

Shown here is the Hanvon TouchPad B10, a 10-inch tablet powered by Windows 7 Home Premium. Processing comes by way of an Intel Celeron ULV743 (1.3GHz), backed up by 2GB DDR2 RAM, Intel GS45 chipset, 250GB HDD (5400rpm SATA), WiFi, and Bluetooth.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the 130 megapixel webcam mentioned on the spec sheet, I’m thinking that’s a typo. Hasselblad shouldn’t be sweating it just yet.

Expect More than Just Miss Tech

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. We’ll be meeting with many of the top manufacturers and companies while here at Computex Taipei 2010, so you can fully expect some more great coverage from the Futurelooks team. Stay glued to our Twitter Account, Facebook and YouTube Channel for all the LIVE and behind the scenes coverage as we navigate one of the best computer and gadget shows in the world. More pictures after the break.

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