ASUS loves their ROG brand and they love their fans too. In our quick video interview and tour (see above or watch directly on YouTube) We found an ROG system gaming and LN2 overclocking at the same time. Of course, you aren`t going to be doing that at home because you need the help of two pro overclockers to hold the LN2 and get it stable. Attendees were given the chance to do a little gaming on a 5+ GHz system with CPU temperatures dipping in the -80C area. That’s some serious frequency at sub-zero temperatures to say the least!

ASUS MARS II GTX 580 Graphics Card

If you haven’t had a chance to see the MARS II GTX 580, this beast of a video card takes up three slots and offers TRUE dual GTX 580 GPU graphics performance with room to overclock. This is different than a GTX 590 because ASUS has actually paired two actual GTX 580s together giving it up to 22% better performance than the GTX 590.

It features a massive dual fan GPU cooler to make sure things don’t get too toasty in the heat of battle. Users were surprised by the chance to handle this near three pound monster in the booth. Still, you better hurry if you want to pick up one or two of these as they’re in limited quantities at just $1499 US!

ASUS G53SX and G74SX ROG Notebooks

If laptop gaming is your drug, their new enhanced ROG notebooks (G53SX and G74SX) boast all kinds of graphics power and give Alienware something to fear. Both laptops feature quad-core Intel processors along with nVidia GTX 560M 3GB GDDR5 graphics. They even back it with a 30 Day Bright Dot Return policy. Add to that a global warranty and you can leave the gaming rig at home.

ASUS Maximus IV 6-Series ROG Motherboard

Attendees also got a little hands on with the Maximus IV motherboards both in use and on display. It’s one thing to experience what ROG has to offer, but it’s another to see how much work goes in to its presentation. Whether you’re getting a P67 Maximus IV Extreme or a Z68 Maximus IV Extreme-Z, you can bet it’ll max out your processor, memory and graphics. I can attest to that myself having given one a run up to 5GHz on air cooling! Stay tuned for that review!

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