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Moving Around with the Ultra Mini Portable Retractable Mouse

While all netbooks come with a trackpad (the Sony VAIO P has a “nub” mouse, but let’s forget about that one for now), there is something to be said about the convenience and comfort of using a conventional computer mouse. I find that it’s a lot easier to use a mouse when I’m scrolling through long documents or doing any sort of image editing. However, you may not want to lug around a full-sized mouse with your netbook.


When Targus decided to name this thing the Ultra Mini Portable Retractable Mouse, they weren’t kidding. This mouse really is ultra mini. It measures 3.0″ x 1.4″ x 0.9″, which is about the same as my index and middle finger combined. That’s pretty small.

Given these tiny proportions, you would think that the Targus Ultra Mini Portable Retractable Mouse would be uncomfortable to use. I thought that my hand would cramp up, but it’s surprisingly usable. The experience is certainly different than my larger desktop mouse, but I wouldn’t say that it’s uncomfortable. The clicking of the buttons is quite loud though, which can startle already twitchy patrons at your local Internet cafe.

The retractable cable can also result in a bit of a mess at the collection point sometimes, but this gets less frequent as you get used to its mechanism. I’d prefer a wireless mouse, but this retractable cable is a reasonable compromise.

Staying Protected with the Slipskin Peel 10.2″ Netbook Case


You don’t want your netbook to get all scratched and damaged, do you? While some netbooks come with protective sleeves, some of these are inadequate for proper protection. For example, the leather-like one that comes with the Acer Aspire One is completely open on one end. That’s not good.

The Slipskin Peel Netbook Case is a nicely padded sleeve that’ll hold netbooks as large as 10.2-inches. It was a perfect fit with the Asus Eee PC 1000HE, but there was noticeable “wiggle room” with the nine-inch Acer Aspire One. I really liked the soft feel of the material and the zipper is cleanly protected for a streamlined look. This protective black-and-blue sleeve is also a good alternative to TSA checkpoint-friendly bags, because you can keep your netbook inside the case while it passes through the scanner.

Netbooks Need Some Accessory Love Too


Targus already has a huge range of accessories designed for regular notebook computers. The company has also released a series of Apple accessories for the MacBook users in the audience. It was only a natural progression for Targus to target the netbook end of the equation as well. The first Targus Netbook Accessory Kit ($39.99) is likely just the tip of the iceberg. While none of the three items included in the kit are particularly innovative, they suit the minimalist and portable nature of the netbook niche. The best is yet to come.

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