Deepcool has really started making a name for itself in the PC DIY space with some very unique looking products. But things really took off for the China based company when they trotted out their Tristellar Case¬†back at CES 2015. The unique tri-chamber design housed a mini-ITX motherboard and was unlike anything the community had ever seen. But it’s limited applications with the motherboard limitations made it impractical for most general builds. At CES 2017, the company is back again with the new QUADSTELLAR which, as you may have guessed, uses a quad chamber design.

The new Deepcool QUADSTELLAR is split into four separate cabins. One chamber houses the GPU, while another houses the motherboard, which can now be up to an ATX in size, making the new chassis much more versatile. The power supply and hard drives sit in two other chambers. This allows the the hottest components to be isolated so they don’t affect the temperature of the rest of the system. In addition, the an¬†automatic air intake system adjust air flow automatically with the help of temperature sensors. When the temperature gets too hot, the chambers will pop open, expelling the additional hot air.

The actual pricing has not been set as of yet but availability in North America is stated to be something in May.

Also worth a mention from Deepcool’s CES 2017 goodies is their new ARK 90 ATX case which comes with a pre-installed liquid cooling system. The cooling system is their Captain 280EX which features two a full 280mm radiator and dual fans and is ready to go out of the box. This cuts down on the things you have to worry about buying for your next build and the performance is very good.

The case also includes three 140mm fans and RGB lighting effects. So, its pretty much ready to build your new system into once you do your unboxing video.

Deepcool hopes to have it in the market by May with a price TBA.

What do you think of Deepcool’s latest and greatest from CES 2017? Or maybe you think Kingston’s 2TB flash drive is more impressive. Let us know in the comments below. And check out more CES 2017 news right here.

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