There wasn’t anything super major to report on from the Kingston Technology side. After all, they already unloaded most of their guns during a very successful fourth quarter in 2011. However, they did have a few things to show us and we’ve got it all in 1080p HD. We’re joined by Ken Tung from their HyperX division and David Leong, PR Manager for Kingston, and chat with them about what they brought along to Las Vegas. Check out the video above or directly on YouTube.

Special Edition HyperX Red Memory Kits and a New Heatsink Design

There is only so much you can do with memory these days besides bumping the clock speed and the density. So Kingston showed off a new Red Edition of their HyperX memory modules which is also a LoVo (Low Voltage) product that runs at 1.25 volts for their 1333MHz SKU and 1.35 volts for their 1600MHz SKU. Both are available in 4GB and 8GB dual channel kits and will not cost much more than what you are already paying for your regular HyperX modules these days which is around the $46 – 56 US price range.

The product that was most exciting was their new memory module heatsink revision. Set to replace the original T1 design, this new heatsink is wider and shorter, allowing it to produce similar heat dissipation while fitting under more large sized heatsinks. If you are running a new X79 platform then you know that clearance on both sides of the heatsink is crucial. They haven’t come up with a name for it yet, but expect it out very soon.

USB Flash Drives and Wi-Drive Updates

Kingston has decided to differentiate their products for the mobile market and introduced two new flash drives including one that could be used on a key chain and is made of stainless steel called the DTSE9. The other one called the DT Micro is made to fit better on slim notebooks and can be left on all day long. Both come in 8GB and 16GB sizes and should cost no more than drives already in this size range in larger packages (roughly $10 – 20 bucks on sale).

Finally, the Wi-Drive receives a size upgrade to 64GBs and now officially supports the Kindle Fire through the Amazon App Store. That means that the regular Android App isn’t far behind (but you can still grab the BETA on the Android Marketplace).

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