Rosewill is the company with the name that doesn’t make you think about gaming cases or serious PC gaming anything. But in the last while, the little sub-brand of NewEgg has started to make progress in getting people to see them differently. It started with the Thor V2 gaming case and now the company is moving forward with just a few more things that might get you to look more closely at them. Check out the video above (or directly on YouTube) for the 1080p HD run through of what they were showing off at CES 2012 in Las Vegas!

New Thor V2 in White and the Blackhawk Ultra Tower

The Thor V2 really kicked off a new direction for Rosewill. It was the first time that they really got universally praised for a product that came out of their line up and they are not sitting around at all. With the popularity of white cases, Rosewill has unveiled a new white version of the Thor V2. It’s just as good as the original, but in a more attractive white version that really shows off what’s inside your gaming rig. It still has support for XL-ATX boards with a full tool free construction with support for up to a 240mm radiator up top. The best part is that it will only be $20 more than the original at $149 US.

For workstation enthusiasts, Rosewill brought out their new Blackhawk Ultra at CES 2012. This case supports up to HPTX class motherboards as well as anything smaller. It supports up to two power supplies, or you can use that space to throw in a monster water cooling rig. There’s even a SATA hard drive dock on top and of course, it’s still a tool free design with advanced cable management and 10 expansion slots with dust filters throughout. Rosewill is set to launch this very soon at approximately $219 US.

New Notebook Coolers and a Cool Lapdesk for Lazy Laptop Users

I admit, I’m a lazy laptop user and one of the products they unveiled was called an aluminum lapdesk. The unit holds up to a 15.6 inch notebook and cools with two 80mm fans under the platform. The cooler also houses a USB 2.0 three port hub and the whole thing is powered off a single USB connection to your notebook. It has three leg sections that allow infinite adjustment and when you’re done, it folds completely flat so it fits under you couch or your bed. At $59.99 US, I’d go get one.

Also on display were two more basic aluminum coolers that both use a 200mm fan and are powered by a USB connection to your notebook. The smaller one retails for $34.99 and fits up to a 15.6 inch notebook while the larger one fits a 17.3 inch notebook and retails for $44.99.

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