CORSAIR had a few things to show off at CES 2011. First up is a new analog version of their HS1 Gaming Headset called the HS1A, which is the cousin to the USB version of the same headset. They also unveiled two new cases including the new 650D which is a continuation of the Obsidian line up. There is also a new 600T which comes in a new special edition “Storm Trooper” white color scheme, similar to the NZXT Phantom which launched last year. Both cases will have interchangeable plexi or grill style side panels included in the box.

Of course it wouldn’t be CORSAIR without some flash products so they’ve brought out a new Performance 3 SSD Series which uses a new Marvell controller, new firmware and a more aggressive garbage collection routine which will give the drives increased performance over the life of the drive. Finally, the original CoolIT LINK system becomes the CORSAIR LINK system. If you weren’t aware, CoolIT as we know it is no longer and CORSAIR will now be selling CoolIT’s H20 coolers under their own brand name. The system will allow monitoring of all components and unlike ESA, it will actually work.

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