I have a relatively high interest in the world of game streaming, and if I love it when companies bring out new and exciting products. Elgato has announced the launch of their first-ever microphones, Elgato Wave:1 and Elgato Wave:3. These are premium grade microphones that allow creators the professional audio control they want and need. Developed in partnership with microphone manufacturer LEWITT, the Wave:1 and Wave:3 are born from rigorous calibration and ultra-modern acoustic testing for real-world streaming scenarios.

The Elgato Wave:1 and Wave:3 are broadcast-quality cardioid condenser microphones with 24-bit Analog-to-Digital conversion with proprietary Clipguard anti-distortion technology. Clipguard analyzes input in real-time and will take any peaking through a re-routed signal path to lower its volume. Clipguard helps your audio never to clip and reduces your need to watch and modify your audio levels.

Also featured in the Wave:1 and Wave:3 is the switchable low-cut filter to help remove low-frequency interference and includes an internal pop-filter that reduces the distracting breathing sounds. The 3.5mm headphone jack included in both models enables high-resolution, 24-bit, zero-latency audio monitoring. You can also utilize either the adjustable desktop stand or mount it to most boom-arms with the included adapter.

Some differences between the Wave:1 and Wave:3 are the following:

Wave:1 has a headphone volume dial that doubles as a press-to-mute button. The Wave:3 features a capacitive sensor that mutes the mic input with a light touch. It also has a multi-function dial to control volume, input gain and a crossfade.
Wave:1 has the industry-standard sample rate of 48kHz, while the Wave:3 sports up to 96kHz.

Elgato Wave Link Software

Also announced is the Elgato Wave Link app. The Elgato Wave Link is a multi-channel digital mixer for both Windows and MacOS. Wave Link turns Wave Microphones into an audio hub that allows you to control up to 8 other audio sources. These multiple sources are then fed through the microphone driver with virtually zero latency. You can blend your voice, music, sound effects, game audio and more all with an easy to use interface. You also get two separate audio outputs so you can keep the things you want to hear different from what your audience will listen to, which is an excellent option for live streaming.

Elgato Wave Microphone

Both the Elgato Wave:1 and Elgato Wave:3 will boost a 2-year warranty and are available from Elgato and CORSAIR worldwide network of authorized retailers and distributors.

What’s your take on the new Elgato Wave series of microphones? Have they done enough to take on more prominent players already in the market? Let us know in the comments!

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