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A few days ago, I wrote about the new and emerging HD television technology showcased at the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show. Samsung and LG were two of the bigger players in this growing arena, but both Korean juggernauts had plenty to offer in other product areas as well.

One Touch Print Screen Samsung Printer

Have you ever wanted to print out a webpage or some other kind of content on your computer but you wished the process was easier? Sometimes, when you try to print out a webpage, the printed copy does not maintain the right formatting or color options. Samsung has overcome this concern by adding a button to its laser printers.

On color laser printers like the Samsung CLP-325, you’ll find an extra button on the top that serves a single purpose: to print your computer screen. When you press this button, it sends a command back to the connected computer and then it prints out whatever you currently see on your screen. That could prove handy!

Samsung Offers Its First E-Book Reader

The Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook certainly have people interested in the emerging popularity of e-book readers. It seems that everyone is getting into this game, including such big names as Sony.

Not to be outdone, Samsung is joining the e-book reader thing with its family of e-ink devices. Whereas the Kindle and Nook use their associated online stores, the Samsung E6 and E101 get their content for free from Google Books.

This grants owners of a Samsung e-book reader access to over one million public domain books and other kinds of content. The various Samsung e-book readers have 3G, Wi-Fi, 2GB of flash memory, handwriting functionality, and more. Some come with physical QWERTY keyboards, including one with a slide-out keyboard.

Single Chip ATSC Mobile Television

We use our smartphones for so much more than just talking these days, so it makes sense that manufacturers are looking for new and exciting ways to give us more functionality and features.

A slightly modified version of the Samsung Behold II is now the world’s first fully functional mobile phone with single-chip ATSC mobile TV technology. This gives you over-the-air access to all sorts of mobile television content.

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