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Final Thoughts

boynq Sabre

With the size of the two speakers on either end, you would assume that the lower frequencies would be pretty good. In fact it seems to be quite the opposite. The sound can be a bit ‘hollow’ sounding and using the Bass, Treble knobs it doesn’t make much of a difference. Music that does not have much bass in it to begin with sounds pretty good but the moment you need bass in the song, it just does not perform.

Because of the easy to manage size, I would recommend boynq add a battery compartment to allow it to be transported more easily and used in other places where party people aren’t or where it would not be necessary to crank up the volume.  The connections on the back side do not hinder the look of the unit in anyway while keeping things neat and tidy.

With a price of over $100, I find it difficult to recommend this for someone who is looking to have that stereo system replacement system.  This is where the ExtremeMac Luna seems to shine.  However, the Sabre does have the ability to be a dock and charger replacement for your iPod so again, in places where you need to consolidate for space, it does fairly well in this respect. It also acts as a video dock as well. However, what I was most disappointed with was that the featured interference shielding for cell phones didn’t seem to do a whole lot to stop…interference. As a major feature of the product, it really fell flat here.


  • Video Out
  • Ability to charge iPod
  • Ability to use as pass-thru to computer
  • Small compact design


  • Poor reproduction of lower frequencies
  • Cell Phones still produce interference in the speakers
  • Price

Overall Rating: 7.0 / 10.0

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