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Looking for a stylish, compact speaker system for your Apple iPod? boynq has designed an eloquent and compact speaker system that can accommodate any of the Apple iPods on the market.  Most curious is the fact that this speaker system also accommodates the different tastes of both men and women.

boynq Sabre - Box 

boynq is a company that I personally have never heard until one of their products landed in my lap. The interesting bit about the company is even though their office is based in the Netherlands; their manufacturing facility is in actually in China which would allow the use of skilled production and quality management for their final product designs.

This brings us to their latest design for iPod speaker systems; the Sabre. bonyq’s designs are quite unique not only in their naming of the product but also their marketing as they have the Pour Homme version as well as the Pour Femme which are coloured black and pink respectively. Luckily I got the Pour Homme version for this review ad pink is just not a colour that looks good on me.


A well thought out design went into creating the packaging for the Sabre. It is visually appealing on a consumer level as well as providing all the necessary information needed to understand what the product features are and how they can benefit the end user.

boynq Sabre - Box Inside

One aspect of the packaging I like is that they show the product without having to open up the product. They use the concept similar to that of bubble packaging for toys so you get to actually see the product and not just photos of it.

It also highlights some of the features that the Sabre has over other iPod speaker systems and the video capabilities that the Sabre has as well as blocking high frequency interference from such devices as mobile phones. If you are like me, you really do not like it when you’re speakers start making a high-pitched noise when you are receiving either an incoming call or a text message.


boynq Sabre - Contents

Inside of the packaging of the boynq you will be greeted by the following assortment of pieces:

  • boynq iPod Speaker System
  • Inserts for the different iPod models
  • 3.5mm stereo line in cable
  • Line out cable (left/right and video RCA)
  • S-Video cable
  • 18V DC power adapter
  • Optimization Card
  • Manual

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