Care of two top name brands on the PSU market today Thermaltake and be quiet!, I bring you a customer service announcement. There has been some concern about power supplies be capable of working with the new C6 and C7 power states introduced with Intel Haswell. Many will be glad to know, your current PSU may already be up to the task.

be quiet! which many of you will not be familiar with, are the top PSU brand in Germany and are now starting to hit the streets in Canada and the US through NewEgg and NCIX. In fact, we recently reviewed their Dark Power Pro 10 650W unit and it was excellent. Full Haswell support from this iconic brand already exists for all of their current models. The Dark Power Pro 10, Straight Power E9, Pure Power L8, System Power, and Pure Power L7 are all fully Haswell compatible.

Thermaltake has also been vigorously testing their lineups for compatibly with the C6 and C7 Haswell power states. While not all units are ready, there is a very large list of PSU already available that do support the new power states. In short, all current high-end power supplies from Thermaltake are ready for Haswell.


I am pretty sure these companies were working with Intel during development of the 4th generation of Core processors to ensure they were ready for the release of Haswell next month. This is good to see as a consumer, and great for those who already bought new power supplies prior to hearing about Intel’s newest platform. If you are not one of the lucky ones who already have a PSU ready for Haswell, you now have a list of verified options.

For more details on Haswell compatibility from Thermaltake and be quiet!, please check out the links to the press releases below.

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All current be quiet! power supplies are Haswell ready

be quiet! power supplies fulfill all of the requirements for Intel’s new processor generation

be quiet!, market leader with power supplies in Germany* for seven consecutive years, confirms that all of it`s current PSU models support Intel’s fourth generation of Core processors (Codename Haswell).

New requirements for power supplies

Intel’s upcoming Haswell CPUs impose stricter requirements on the power supply regarding energy-saving features. To lower the power consumption of current computers even more, the new processors feature new sleep states called C6 and C7. In these states, the processor is nearly shut off completely, bringing down the power consumption close to zero.

Saving money risking quality

If consumers can use this new deep sleep state depends on their power supply. It must run under very low loads below 0.05 Amps. Many inferior power supplies have problems in these low load situations. Low quality components might even lead to the activation of the PSUs safety circuits. In that case the computer would not start again.

be quiet! is Haswell ready

As for be quiet!, all current power supply series, starting with the entry-level Pure Power L8 up to the high-end Dark Power Pro 10, are able to deliver the above mentioned low loads without problems. Even older models are mostly compatible with the fourth Core generation. In detail Dark Power Pro 10 (all models), Straight Power E9 (all models), Pure Power L8 (all models), System Power 7 (all models) and Pure Power L7 (630 W and 730 W) are fully Haswell compatible.


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Thermaltake Power Supplies Units are ready for Intel Haswell CPUs

May 21, 2013 –Intel has just introduced the new 4th generation Intel Core processors, code-named “Haswell”, the new technology for reducing power consumption of the CPU in sleep mode. The new C6 and C7 states are able to reduce the CPU power consumption to just 0.05A (0.6W) while previous Ivy Bridge processors draw up to ten times more minimum power. As this resulting from the deep sleep state, when most other 12V devices are either turned off or in low power state, this significantly decreases the 12V load on the power supply.

Thermaltake, being an industry leader in computer chassis, thermal solutions, and power supply units announces the latest news that most high-end power supplies of Thermaltake are fully compatible with Haswell CPUs. All current high-end and mainstream PSUs from Thermaltake are already prepared for the new Intel processors to deliver stable voltages to achieve maximum energy savings.


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