At COMPUTEX 2011 this year, Futurelooks finally had a chance to chat face to face with the people behind Fractal Design, a case manufacturer with Scandinavian roots. We’ve seen them do very well in retail channels so we thought we’d drop in to see just what was cooking for COMPUTEX 2011 this year in our latest video coverage.

To our delight, we were taken around by Fractal’s lead designer, Tommy Leeman. He gave us the rundown on their new value series known as the Core Series, which comes in three models, and their new Arc Series which is a bit more of a premium offering. The best part of both series is that they’ve included the features that users seem to really want at very affordable prices. Tommy also gives us a sneak peek at what’s coming down the road.

We’re really looking forward to reviewing a few of their products once the whole team gets back from Asia. But in the meantime, if you haven’t been checking out our YouTube channel, then you’ve missed a LOT of COMPUTEX 2011 coverage. With over 16 new videos so far plus more on the way, it’s definitely the best way for you to feel like you were there with us.

Stay tuned for more COMPUTEX 2011 videos coming up very soon!

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