Windows 8 isn’t perfect, but it got better with Windows 8.1. It sure would be a lot more perfect if it supported only a limited amount of hardware, versus pretty much every piece of hardware, but it wouldn’t be Windows. It wouldn’t be the heart and soul of every PC DIY build where one wants the most choice in what they want their dream system to look like. Having said that, one of the things that absolutely drives every user insane, is when Windows Update decides to start your system, while you’re working on something.

Taking that into consideration, the latest preview build of Windows 10, not only integrates new features, but it also takes away one of the biggest headaches related to a self updating OS.  In the Windows Update area, there are advanced options, that allow you to schedule your updates, rather than having the OS download the updates, and then harass you with that dialog box that we all know and love. Sometimes we hit restart by accident, and poof, the work from the last hour, is gone.

Windows 10 will now either guess for you, based on your usage pattern, or allow you to simply set a time, that you specify. Certainly not the perfect, stealth update solution, because you might still have browser windows and work up, that you want to find in the same place when you come back, but it’s better than it making that choice for you while you’re still working.

Source: CNET UK

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