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Transfer Rate Benchmarks

Alright, the meat and potatoes of any hard drive test comes down to transfer rates. We’re looking for the low and highest transfer rates as well as the averages. While Burst rates look good on the screen, the admin world demands something a little more solid in the way of Sequential/Random performance including data block transfer rates.

HD Tune Pro

wdgreen_2tb_readWD 2TB Caviar Green- Read

Western_Digital_2TB_Caviar_Black_Edition_SATA_Drive_09WD 2TB Caviar Black – Read

Now, here’s what we’re all looking for in a performance drive. The 2TB Caviar Black provided a strong 110.4 MB/s Average which is an improvement over the Green’s respectable 76.1 MB/s Average. Note that the test system here seemed to make more efficient use of the Caviar Black in terms of CPU usage.

In either case, both drives are faster than any hard drive in the test bench collection. It even bests its little brother, the Western Digital 1TB Caviar Black reviewed earlier in the year.

wdgreen_2tb_writeWD 2TB Caviar Green – Write

Western_Digital_2TB_Caviar_Black_Edition_SATA_Drive_10WD 2TB Caviar Black – Write

Write performance followed similar results. The Green offers a 74.8 MB/s Average while maxing out at 102.2 MB/s. The Caviar Black provides an impressive performance boost. The drives Average rate was 109.2 MB/s and maxed out at 140 MB/s. This accounts for the drop in transfer times when moving around the 10GB media test file.

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