One of the fastest growing companies has to be CORSAIR. When it comes to a successful strategy of diversification, this is one company that clearly does it right and plans to keep on doing it. At COMPUTEX 2011, CORSAIR unveiled the usual updates to power supplies, like their AX650 and HX1050 units, but what was really exciting was their pledge to bring the quality of their high end enclosures to a new lower price point.

At around $100 US, the new 400R and 500R enclosures look fantastic in the video. It’s clear that there was a lot of thought taken into consideration on where to cut costs to get these cases down around the competitive $100 US mark. Also featured in the video are a look at the company’s new H80 and H100 water cooling systems, new Vengeance CL7 and Vengeance Low Profile memory kits, and their brand new Force GT SSD.

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