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Cooling Performance

Vizo Ninja HS Notebook Cooler Review

The cooling performance of the Vizo Ninja HS isn’t exactly breathtaking, but it seems to get the job done. I ran a terribly unscientific test on my Dell 640m notebook, running on Windows XP Home and an Intel Core 2 Duo T5300 processor.

For the purposes of the test, I just embarked on some regular web surfing and then let the notebook rest for about 30 seconds. Without the cooler, SpeedFan gave me readings of 42, 47, 39, and 40 degrees for the hard drive, temperature sensor, first core, and second core, respecitvely. With the Vizo HS, the readings came out as 38, 47, 36, and 39 degrees, representing a couple degrees of cooling across the board. So, in the end, the Ninja HS does work. Further fiddling with the fan positions may improve performance.

Still Room for Improvement

Vizo Ninja HS Notebook Cooler Review

Although Vizo has made some improvements with the Ninja HS notebook cooler, I certainly still have some suggestions to make. For starters, there are no guards or guides in place for holding the center piece in the two stands. My suggestion is for Vizo to implement small tabs or bars on the outer edges of the two stands so that the center portion can’t shoot through, so to speak. This will make it easier to insert the holding screws, because it minimizes the horizontal movement.

I also find it unfortunate that while the Vizo HS offers all sorts of customization, there is no way to adjust the height. Some people prefer a steeper angle, whereas others want a shallower angle. With the Vizo HS, there is no way to prop your laptop higher or lower. Also, there is no power switch — the fans turn on automatically when the USB cable is inserted — nor is there any fan speed adjustment. As alluded to earlier, the matte surface of the Ninja HS can cause marring to the surface of some laptops, like the MacBook Pro with its aluminum chassis.

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Yes, it can be quite difficult to get excited about a notebook cooler, but grabbing a cooling notebook stand like the Vizo Ninja HS could be one of the best investments you ever make. You get a more ergonomic typing angle and the effective cooling can help improve the performance (and longevity) of your laptop.

Vizo Ninja HS Notebook Cooler Review

Vizo has a good tradition with its notebook coolers, and the Vizo Ninja HS is easily the best one that the company has created to date. The vertical and horizontal adjustment of the fan position makes this notebook cooler particularly effective, because you can easily target the “hot zone” on your specific laptop. I also appreciate the great deal of “air” that is placed beneath the notebook, rather than the vents getting blocked with aluminum.

As good as the Vizo Ninja HS is, It’s still not perfect — no height adjustment, no fan speed adjustment and it barely collapses enough to holds up a 12-inch widescreen. Parts of the assembly were somewhat awkward, but the Vizo Ninja HS Notebook Cooler is a solid option and based on previous products, VIzo will only get better with each version of the Ninja HS. If you need a notebook cooler that customizes well to most laptops and looks great to boot, The Vizo Ninja HS it’s a great choice.


  • Highly customizable design
  • Effective as a notebook cooler
  • Great build quality and excellent materials
  • Three-port USB 2.0 hub is a bonus


  • No height adjustment
  • No fan speed adjustment or power switch
  • Needs better guiding components on stands
  • Front pegs are pretty much pointless

Overall Rating: 9.0 / 10.0

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