In the last couple of years, Rosewill has really grown into a solid brand for the DIY and enthusiasts market. They offer great value at an affordable price on a number of product categories we’re familiar with, to things that we aren’t so familiar with like their line of kitchen appliances that were featured by our friends over at MEGATechNews. We’ve also recognized the quality and value of their products through the product reviews we’ve done on signature products like the Thor V2 chassis (reviewed here) and the Tachyon 1000W Platinum PSU (reviewed here): Both of which have won praise by our very nitpicky reviewers. So what does this distribution partnership with ASI mean for fans of Rosewill products? It means quite a bit!

It’s no secret that Rosewill has been trying to put an arms length between itself and its parent company NewEgg. And while that relationship has been wildly successful for them, the only way for a company to grow is to get away from being someone’s “House Brand”. In fact, Rosewill has been busy at Amazon, Walmart and Buy.com (now Rakuten) as well as courting other major retailers to carry their products outside of NewEgg. The benefit to you and me include the ability to purchase our products at retailers closer to home, that may save you shipping, and creates a bit more competition in your local market, potentially driving costs down on purchasing the things you want.

Rosewill’s ASI partnership for distribution now makes their products available to all retailers ASI services via their network which includes 10 locations within the U.S., 3 in Canada, and 3 in Mexico, allowing you to get your Rosewill products in more places.

By having a wide network of distribution and multiple retailers, this also helps the brand get in front of you where you can touch and feel. It also makes potential service issues and warranty claims much quicker and easier to resolve either at the store level or at the distributor level. This saves enthusiasts and DIY’ers like you and me time and money and gets us back to our builds sooner.

We’re looking forward to seeing Rosewill products at our favourite local computers stores (though if they end up at NCIX, it might take some time to get over that). Their hot water boiler is awesome for instant noodles. They make some great cases, keyboards, and PSUs too. More details of the announcement below.

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Rosewill® Announces Strategic Distribution Partnership with ASI

City of Industry, CA – April 23, 2013 – Rosewill®, one of the leading manufacturers of computer hardware and the recipient of multiple awarding computer cases, power supplies, PC gaming peripherals, and accessories has struck a strategic distribution agreement with ASI Corp., one of the largest distribution leaders of computer components and peripheral products. With 10 locations within the U.S., 3 in Canada, and 3 in Mexico, ASI Corp. will carry a wide variety of award winning Rosewill® products from computer cases, power supplies, networking, cables, and computer accessories ranging from entry, mid, and high end level products.

“We are very excited to work with ASI Corp,” says Daniel Hu, President of Rosewill®. “There is a growing demand for computer hardware and accessories and with the agreement with ASI Corp, we will be able extend our reach, continue to meet demand, and focus on the technology to further improve our products.”

“We’re very pleased with the addition of Rosewill as part of our diverse and expanding product line up at ASI.  Rosewill is a unique company dedicated to quality and committed to providing the highest levels of customer support for their entire product portfolio including networking, enclosures, and power supplies.” said Cathy Wang, ASI Vice President of Product Management.

With ASI’s 25+ years of experience and Rosewill’s fast paced growth, it is mutually beneficial for both companies and great for the end users as it allows Rosewill to focus on continuing to bring award-winning products to market. Rosewill is widely known for the computer cases such as Armor, Challenger, Blackhawk, Thor V2, Throne, Armor Evolution, and Blackhawk Ultra; power supplies such as Hercules, Capstone, Fortress, Tachyon, and Silentnight; computer accessories such as their vibrating gaming headset RHTS-8206 and their line of mechanical keyboards such as RK-9000, RK-9100, and Helios RK-9200. With ASI’s expertise, Rosewill’s products will be more widely available.

For more information of Rosewill® products available through ASI, please contact sales at 1-800-2000-ASI or visit ASI’s web site at http://www.asipartner.com

About ASI

ASI Corp. is a national distributor of IT hardware and software products; ASI’s diverse portfolio of products and services give us the ability to service a broad spectrum of customers; including VARs, system integrators, retailers, DMRs and OEM accounts. In addition, they support a comprehensive product offering with an array of value-added services that range from ISO 9001-certified integration, system design and process validation, kitting, private labeling, custom packaging and more. ASI continues to forge ahead capitalizing on emerging market segments allowing them to bring their customers the latest technologies and opportunities for their continued business success. They remain committed to excel in their core attributes: quality, speed, reliability and service and continue to succeed at meeting or exceeding customers’ expectations.

About Rosewill®

Rosewill® Inc. (www.Rosewill.com) is the leading manufacturer of a vast array of computer hardware, peripherals, consumer electronics, mobile hardware and accessories.  Established in 2004, Rosewill® brings high quality hardware at affordable prices. Formed from a top team of hardware professionals, Rosewill® is dedicated to its mission to compete and succeed on price, quality, and service. Our vision is to become the leading brand in computer hardware and peripherals. We aim to achieve this goal by our integrity, innovative products, and superior customer service.


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