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6. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle… and Resell!

Seven Ways Gadget Geeks Can Go Green

We’ve all been taught that we should be reducing our waste, reusing what we can, and recycling anything that can be recycled. The same can be said about our overpowering obsessions for modern technology.

Much of the packaging that comes with various electronics can be reused in some fashion. Use that box to store your old notes from college, for example. That same cardboard box can be put into a blue box for recycling, but the contents of the box can be recycled too.

Many jurisdictions have programs in place to reduce e-waste, like discarded laptops and cell phones. These programs will take your old e-junk and break it down into its components. Alternatively, the next time you get a new mobile phone, considering selling your old one to someone else. They get a “new” phone and nothing ends up in the landfill.

Better still, you can donate your old stuff to charity. Children’s charities are always in need of new computers and that kind of thing, even if you think that these computers are outdated.

7. The Car Powered by Compressed Air

Seven Ways Gadget Geeks Can Go Green

Biodiesel? Hybrid technology? Plug-in electrics? Those are so last year! Tata Motors of India and MDI of France have been hard at work on a totally new kind of car for a number of years and it could be the most environmentally-friendly vehicle to date.

Known as the OneCAT, this car runs on compressed air. It doesn’t need any kind of special gas, because regular old compressed air is enough to push those pistons along, propelling the lightweight car at speeds as high as 110km/h. The compressed air tank can be refilled using a standard compressed air generator. A full tank is enough to send the OneCAT along for up to 200 km at a time.

For more information on the OneCAT and other compressed air cars like it, check out the entry on Wikipedia.

Reconciling Our Geeky and Green Interests

Seven Ways Gadget Geeks Can Go Green

Gadget geeks enjoy getting new gadgets. Computer geeks enjoy upgrading their computers. It’s inevitable. At the same time, our technological interests must not infringe too much on the environment, because we really only have one fragile planet and we need to take better care of it. The seven tips and strategies described above are good steps in the right direction, but you should still take a few moments of your life to think about what else you can do.

Walk to the post office instead of driving there. Utilize a reusable tote bag at the grocery store instead of those disposable plastic bags. Install efficient fixtures in your home. Do your part. Be a green geek.

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