Looking for a quiet power supply for your system? Something that sips power from the outlet while still being able to drive your rig? Well, it looks like these be quiet! power supplies just might be the perfect products for you.

Turns out that in testing, be quiet! has shown that their power supplies already comply with stricter power efficiency regulations coming into effect in Europe on July 1 2014.

These new restrictions seem to make 80 Plus equivalent power supplies a de facto standard. Looks like our friends over at be quiet! are ahead of the curve on this one. More info in the press release below.

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All be quiet! power supplies already comply with the new efficiency regulations

From July a more stringent EU Energy-related Products Directive (ErP) applies

Glinde, May 13th, 2014 – be quiet!, for eight consecutive years the market leader for PC power supplies in Germany*, is fully prepared in advance of stricter European regulations for Energy-related Products (ErP) that come into force July 1, 2014. All power supplies made by be quiet! already fulfill the new energy-efficiency criteria and thus are ErP 2014 ready.

Changes in the regulations concern the performance ratio (power factor) and requirements for the energy efficiency of ErP products. As of July 1, the power factor during full power consumption may no longer undercut a value of 0.9. Minimum energy efficiency of 82 percent under a 20 percent load must be achieved, at least 85 percent under 50 percent load and again 82 percent under 100 percent load. All these requirements are already met by all power supplies by be quiet!

be quiet! is famous for efficiency

The new ErP guidelines make no changes to the maximum energy usage during standby mode. The maximum power consumption requirement for complete systems is still 0.5 watts (plus or minus 0.1 watt). Well within this, be quiet! power supplies only require up to 0.25 watts for standby operation.

"Energy efficiency is a hallmark of be quiet! products. As a premium manufacturer we are naturally pleased it has also become a statutory requirement," remarked Stanislav Minkin, CEO of Listan GmbH & Co. KG.

* Source: GfK Panel Market Germany, sales units internal computer power supplies, January 2014

About be quiet!

be quiet!'s track record of offering technology enthusiasts products which focus on silence and innovation has earned them the honor of being the best selling power supplies in Germany for eight straight years according to market data from GfK. 


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