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What’s In the Box?

Oftentimes, you open up the box to a new monitor only to discover that you have to head back to the store to grab some cables. I’m not sure if only the review unit came bundled with these, but it’s nice to see that there are no cable issues with this monitor.

In the box, I found a VGA cable, a DVI cable, and a power cable, as well as the two components that make up the stand, an installation CD (with no sleeve), a warranty card, a small cleaning cloth (to get rid of those inevitable fingerprints), and a quick setup guide.

Installation and Configuration

Strangely, the setup guide provided with the SyncMaster T220 is a generic one, coming with no specific information about this particular model. For this reason, setting up the stand may be a little troublesome for novice users.

The stand itself is comprised of two pieces: an oval base and a neck. These snap into one another and then you tighten the screw from underneath. From here, you slide the bottom of the LCD monitor into the metal piece that protrudes upwards. Because there were no instructions, it took a little trial and error to discover which way the screen should be oriented. For the novices in the audience, Samsung should have provided a rudimentary set of instructions.

Getting at the appropriate ports took a little bit of extra work. Access to the power, VGA, and DVI ports is blocked by a removable piece of flexible plastic. This creates a somewhat unsightly seam at the back of the monitor. Removing this piece of plastic comes with a little fear of snapping it; again, not good for novices. Upon removing this piece, however, you have quick and easy access to everything that you need.

The positive behind a system like this is that it hides many of the ugly connections usually associated with an LCD monitor. You just feed the cables through the opening near the bottom and there is much less of a mess. It’s not the best design, but they’re moving in the right direction.

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