Once you’ve gone to working on a dual monitor configuration, you really can’t go back to working on just a single screen. Myself, I tend to use one screen for the actual document or article that I’m writing, while the other display is for reference material (or social media distractions). The problem is that I’m stuck with two stands and I still have that unsightly seam in the middle. The Philips Two-in-One Monitor fixes that problem.

Recently winning the 2015 iF Design Award “for outstanding innovation,” the Philips Two-in-One is exactly what you think it is. They’ve effectively taken two monitors, smushed them together onto a single stand and virtually eliminated the seam between the two screens. It’s still there, so this won’t be replacing your fancy ultrawide any time soon, but it’s a heck of a lot more unified than having two completely separate monitors.


What you get with the Philips Two-in-One Monitor (model 19DP6QJNS… try saying that three times fast) is a pair of 19-inch IPS displays that combine to form “a virtually seamless 32-inch display for increased productivity.” Of course, this is “virtually” seamless with the actual border in between the screens measuring 3.5mm thick.

The screens can also tilt forward and backward up to 22.5-degrees for better viewing angles. Connectivity comes by way of DisplayPort and VGA for the first display, and VGA and MHL-enabled HDMI for the second display. Each display also has two USB inputs for peripherals like flash drives and webcams.


The Philips Two-in-One Monitor is available now for $499. Check out the press release below for more information.

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Philips Two-in-One Monitor Wins Prestigious 2015 iF Design Award

World’s first virtually seamless Two-in-One display brings dual monitor productivity and minimalist, ultra-thin design to desktops

Fremont, California – March 11, 2015 – The Philips Two-in-One display was named the recipient of the 2015 iF Design Award for outstanding innovation in the development of the world’s first virtually seamless Two-in-One Monitor. The Philips Two-in-One Monitor (Model 19DP6QJNS) combines two 19-inch screens, providing a virtually seamless 32-inch display for increased productivity and a streamlined view. With a minimalist 3.5 mm narrow border and a panoramic IPS display, brilliant colored images can be seen from any viewpoint. The Philips Two-in-One Monitor is now available for purchase at Newegg.com for $499.

Supported by one space-saving stand and designed with maximum adjustability and viewing comfort in mind, both screens tilt forward and backward up to 22.5 degrees to accommodate preferred viewing angles. The monitor’s light footprint provides a clutter-free design to clear up your desktop.

The sleek Philips Two-in-One Monitor generously offers multiple connectivity options including 1 DisplayPort and VGA input on the first display, and 1 VGA input and one MHL-enabled HDMI input on the second display, along with a two USB inputs on each display for convenience. The monitor’s MHL capability brings your mobile devices to life on the big screen display, allowing you to view content directly from your compatible smartphone or tablet, while also charging the device.

The Philips Two-in-One Monitor is the optimum display for any environment. Perfect for expanding space at the office, the monitor allows side-by-side comparisons and more screen area for reviewing documents, helping to enhance efficiency and productivity. Ideal for designers using 3D graphics or requiring extremely detailed information for CAD-CAM solutions, the connected screens allow for more space to create and use multiple design tools. Plus gamers can immerse themselves in the action with duel-screen comparisons, perfect for two players on one screen.

The 2015 iF Design Awards attracted more than 4,700 entries across five disciplines with less than 1,700 entries being awarded the 2015 iF Design Award. Philips Monitors was recognized as an innovator of outstanding products.

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