Maybe you've thought about building your own PC for a number of years, but you were overwhelmed and intimidated by the whole prospect of PC DIY. No one can blame you for your apprehensions, because you are literally toying with hundreds or even thousands of dollars in equipment. Before you invest your hard-earned dollars into a new PC build, why not do it virtually with the PC Building Simulator?

Set for release via Steam a little later this year, the game (if you can really call it that) takes you through the steps of building your very own gaming PC. It'll guide you through all the basics that you'll need to know as you pair that motherboard with the right processor and GPU, all "without the associated risks and costs." The tutorials in this game, published by The Irregular Corporation, get you ready for the real deal before you get your actual hands on real hardware.

But it's not just about theoretical generic parts. PC Building Simulator will feature actual, accurate, lifelike components from real companies, so you can really dive into the details. The latest announcement introduces the S340 mid-tower case and the Kraken series of liquid coolers from NZXT.

"PC Building Simulator is an amazing way to engage and teach gamers about PC building," said NZXT founder and CEO Johnny Hou. "At NZXT we share a similar mission, so partnering together was such a natural fit for us as it is the perfect combination of the things we love most."

With a handy tool like PC Building Simulator, you can no longer complain that PC DIY is too hard and you might even avoid some of the most epic fail stories too. If nothing else, this sounds far more useful than a goat simulator.

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