ECS Elitegroup has had quite the wild ride when it comes to branding and marketing. They went from being a company that everyone talked about when they first released their Extreme Series in 2005, to pretty much no one after 2007. It was quite sad actually. But in the last year or so, their Black Series boards have caught people’s attention again, including ours. We’ve reviewed several of their INTEL boards and have come away both surprised and hopeful. In our video coverage, we get a chance to see just what they’ve got for customers in the next little while.

Featured in the video above, ECS shows off a number of new boards which include their X79 INTEL concept board known as the X79R-A Black Series. Also shown are their popular mini ITX solutions based on the H61 and H67 chipsets. Over on the AMD side, they have their 990FX based A990FXM-A Black Series, the new Llano boards and their version of the Fusion E350 APU board which includes an mSATA slot onboard which can be used for either an SSD or WiFi card. A couple of mATX boards based on the AMD A75 socket are also mixed in there.

On the video card side, ECS is getting ready to launch their new Black Series branding starting with the GTX 560. It will be interesting to see what they intend to do with the GPU line up as we’ve heard nothing from this side of the company in quite some time.

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