A PC case for the modern gamer is not just a place to store all of their expensive hardware. The case is now as much a part of the PC as anything else and one of the key features of many cases is the ability to show off all that sexy hardware. NZXT understands that and is releasing windowed side panels for the very popular Phantom 630 (see our review) and H630 cases. Obviously this does not change anything about the Phantom 630, but may not be the most desirable options for the H630.

The H630, which we will get into more detail about very soon in our upcoming review, utilizes sound damping material on the side panels. This product would obviously diminish that feature. It seems the now optional side panels are designed with the Phantom 630 in mind rather than the H630, though they are compatible with both. The panels are available in white, black, and gun-metal grey.

The new Phantom 630 windowed edition will be available for $179.99, but the stand alone windowed side panels for current owners of both the Phantom 630 and H630 is only available at the NZXT Amory Store for $29.99. There is no better way to show off all your hard work than a nice large window into the workings of your PC. The full press release is available below.

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Introducing the redesigned 630 window. Compatible with H630 and Phantom 630

Los Angeles, CA – NZXT is happy to announce the arrival of the Phantom 630 Windowed Edition. Featuring a much desired full-sized window, the new Phantom 630 offers a window more than twice the size of the original.

Naturally, all of the high performance features of the Phantom 630 are retained, including its fully modular, interchangeable hard drive cages, phenomenal liquid cooling support and discrete rear-mounted SSD trays behind the motherboard.

Along with an integrated 30-watt single channel fan controller, the Phantom 630 also features a split-level motherboard tray, offering unrivaled cable management and airflow capabilities. Further minimizing cable clutter, the Phantom 630 is equipped with a rear-mounted multi-port fan hub for a simple and clean fan controller setup.

With complete support to accommodate a variety of high performance builds, the redesigned window is perfect for showing off any beautiful build. Additionally, NZXT will offer a standalone window upgrade panel that is compatible for both the Phantom 630 and the H630 chassis.

The Phantom 630 windowed edition will be available in Matte Black, Gunmetal and White and priced at $179.99 USD. The standalone window panel upgrade will be available exclusively at the online NZXT Armory Store.


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